About Me




Hello everyone!!

This is my little contribution to peacemaking in the world ūüôā !! Throughout the last years, I have focused my work on the study of gender-based violence in times of war, female combatants, female suicide bombers and the philosophy of embodiment. I¬†recently finished my¬†Master‚Äôs Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies at Jaume I University in Spain, implemented within the framework of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, for which I¬†received the prestigious scholarship from the Fonds de Recherche Soci√©t√© et Culture du Qu√©bec. I¬†carried out my¬†Bachelor‚Äôs Degree at Laval University (Quebec, Canada) in International Studies and Modern Languages and I did a certificate¬†in Political Science at the same university.

Professionally, I¬†worked at Laval University as a research assistant of the Canadian Research Chair in Identity Conflicts and Terrorism as well as teacher assistant in Political Philosophy. I also carried out research at the John and Elnora Ferguson Centre for African Studies in Bradford, United Kingdom, where she investigated on the crisis in Mali, the African diaspora in the UK and the role of hip-hop in peacebuilding in Africa (you can see my work here). In the last two years, I¬†gave conferences on gender-based violence in Spain, exploring the cases of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, and in Colombia with regards to weapon contamination and the Colombian legal framework in the possible post-conflict setting.¬†I¬†already published two articles: ‚ÄúInsurgencies in Northern Mali: A Tentative Assessment on the Current Conflict‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúSomalie: la violence d√©nie-t-elle toute possibilit√© de construction √©tatique?‚ÄĚ.

I have also done field work in different conflict zones in Colombia, above all regarding the effect of weapon contamination on civil victims, monitoring a project implemented by the Colombian and Spanish Red Cross and funded by the AECID (Agencia Espa√Īola de Cooperaci√≥n Internacional para el Desarrollo). Because of my¬†different experiences in working and studying abroad, I¬†speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Italian, and I am¬†now learning Arabic. I am¬†currently working as a professor of Gender Studies and Political Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at Santo Tomas University in Colombia. I¬†also work for a local NGO in Colombia named Corporaci√≥n Descontamina, which focuses on nonviolent action and peacebuilding as well as project monitoring, where I am¬†doing research on peace and gender as well as elaborating peace projects and editing the biannual magazine.

This blog is an invitation to peace dialogue, but above all, “engendered” discussions…!!